Website Template
image This template includes three picture galleries and a Paypal shopping cart. The logo displayed above and phrases over the image on the left can be easily edited with any text editor to add your own custom phrases. The small image in the header and eight images in the Flash changer on the left can all be replaced with your own .jpg graphic images. Editing in Flash software is not required. Simply replace the .jpg images and the Flash will then update on all the pages. All the images used on this template are standard .jpg images that you can replace with your own .jpg pictures. This template includes space on each page for Google AdSense ads to be easily added. The template help page includes instructions for setup. View AdSense sample page.

Easy Setup
image You can easily change the names and links of each of the buttons on the menu to customize the pages for your own project. Every Allwebco site comes with a comprehensive help page to aid you with the setup. You can also easily exchange the Flash logo above with your own graphic logo by renaming one file. All Allwebco templates come with helpful setup options so you can customize your website for your particular business without having to learn any new software. View this site with a graphic logo.

Basic Html Design
All Allwebco templates are built in basic HTML. This means that you can add images, scripts, music, mp3, movies or almost any type of application to your website. You can even redesign the entire template and rebuild it from the ground up. The pages can even be optimized for better placement in search engines. Check in our support area for complete optimization details.

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